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Prerequisites: You must believe there is a God. You must believe the Bible is His Word. You must be born again. You must read the Word regularly.

Methods: Canonical; Chronological; Topical; Doctrinal; Theological

Doctrine: Trinity of God; Verbal, Plenary Inspiration of Scripture; Total Depravity of Man; Personality of Satan; Virgin Birth of Jesus; Blood Atonement; Bodily Resurrection; Justification by Faith; Person and Work of the Holy Spirit; Eternal Security of the Believer; Personal and Imminent Return of Christ; Reality of Heaven and Hell.

Theology: God – Theology Proper; Jesus, Son of God – Christology; Holy Spirit – Pneumatology; Man – Anthropology; Sin – Hamartiology; Salvation – Soteriology; The Church – Ecclesiology, Future Events – Eschatology

Vine’s Expository Dictionary of OT Words
Vine’s Expository Dictionary of NT Words
Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance
Nave’s Topical Bible
Scofield Reference Notes
Barnes’ Notes

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