While I would like to continue studying out Philippians 1:29 here, I’m not able to stay on task. That has been interrupted and set aside for the moment due to ADD. I was shanghaied this morning while going through the mail bag. I follow many people, blogs and organizations via mail service, too many. MostContinue reading “3/28/22”


Sunday School Lesson 3/27/22… The intercession of Abraham for the people of Sodom (Genesis 18:16-33) Wilt thou also destroy the righteous with the wicked? — having in mind righteous Lot, who dwelt in Sodom, whom he knew to be a just man, Abraham was convinced there were righteous people in Sodom so he appealed forContinue reading “3/24/22”


Beloved, The latest edition to my PocketBible library is the Dictionary of Bible Themes. This is a two volume topical Bible study resource. One is a topical index you can use to start a topical study. The other follows verse by verse along with your Bible, like a commentary to list topics where the verseContinue reading “3/23/22”


Beloved, Yesterday I renewed the WordPress account Bible Student and transferred the registration of the domain biblestudenthub.com from domain.com to WordPress (Automattic). While domain.com renewal is less expensive domain privacy is extra and so this arrangement is more economical in the long run. I had just renewed and WordPress added another free so only paidContinue reading “2/26/22”