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Hi, I’m Dave the Bible Student, your webmaster. I live, work, volunteer and serve from Gainesboro Tennessee in the USA. I’m a Spirit-led, born-again, Ambassador of my Lord Jesus Christ and attend New Hope Baptist Church.

No I’m not a Pastor, Teacher or studding for the “Ministry,” to find faith or even to confirm faith rather, in faith. I am a man of faith seeking understanding. My motivations are love for my Lord and his Word.

I grew up in a children’s home, served in the Army, received a GED and hold A+ and Net+ certifications. I worked in various aspects of the Graphic Arts industry before ended up as an IT Support Technician.

I have walked with the Lord for many years. He has been faithful although the road, at times, has been a rocky one. Many are the times He has had to carry me but through it all He always provides a way.

I’m a bit challenged these days but find miraculous lucidity and sanity wile engaged in Bible study. I pray that my heart is pure and in pursuit of Him, His ways, His will and his Word. It is through the study of His word that we obtain wisdom, knowledge and understanding. That is where I would ask you to agree with me in prayer.

Church services or even daily devotions did not satisfy my thirst for understanding. I have come to enjoy Inductive Bible Study. I started with a Rice Reference Bible, Strong’s Concordance, Vines Dictionary, Nave’s Topical Concordance and Willmington’s Guide to the Bible. I used print at first but moved to QuickVerse in the 90’s. PocketBible, running on an old Android tablet, is now my go-to Study Bible.

Having valued the Bible Broadcasting Network for many years, I took there challenge and tried a course in the Bible Institute. In about a year I graduated but found that I liked the Academic life. I took all the free courses offered by DTS and audited many of their online courses. Pastor suggested that I enroll at ATS and so I did. I liked being quizzed and tested and having to write papers but writing posed a new challenge.

PocketBible is great for reading but when I wanted to quote a passage or site a extra-Biblical source, well, I had to type every word. QuickVerse integrated with Word in Windows 98 or I could simply cut-n-paste. Now I use LibreOffice Writer on an old Dell laptop running Linux and none of the mainstream Bible Study applications run on Linux. The solution was the Internet, the same thing that facilitates Distance Learning and testing.

The World Wide Web is a vast and scary place full of pitfalls but a useful tool nonetheless. While there are guides, tools, classes and all kinds of resources I wasn’t able to find a all-in-one list. Searching and bookmarking takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention sorting, and Thus was born the Bible Student Hub to host the Bible Study Start Page.

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