Some have set a date for the Rapture. That date is September 26, 2022. As the clock ticks toward that day I must finish this Series. This coming Monday is that day. I’m not lending credence to date setting or proposing that day. The purpose of the series is to refute the main point of their theory. I wanted to lay out a study of the Rapture and cover topics used to refine the time. We looked at three texts and extracted two topics The Trump of God and The Last Trump.

The first point is that the Feast of Trumpets points to the Rapture. The seven Jewish Festivals lay out God’s plan. The Spring and Summer Festivals have been fulfilled. The Fall Festivals have not yet been fulfilled and the Feast of Trumpets is next in line. Furthermore the Last Trump equates to the final, 100th, blast of the Feast of Trumpets. I do see the imagery in the festivals and fulfillment in Christ. However the Trump of God is sounded by God not men. This article, from Leader University on the Trump of God, points that out.

The second point is the Fig Tree represents the rebirth of Israel on May 14,1948. I interpret the Fig Tree as relating to the signs of Christ’s Second Coming. The writer of this article seems to agree and lays it out. (cf. The Parable of the Fig Tree) Furthermore the prophecy is that all the Promises Land be occupied by all Twelve Tribes each living in there allotted places. These articles points out that most Jews don’t celebrate Jubilee because they have not yet been gathered to the Land. they also explained the The Shemittah/Yovel cycle and The Fiftieth Year. A Jubilee (Yovel) can only be declared on a Shemitah (Shmita) year. The year 5782 since creation (September 7, 2021 – September 25, 2022) is a Shemitah (Shmita) year.

Third they claim we are the Fig Tree Generation. The generation that will not pass away until all these things take place. A Generation is a maximum of 80 years. See the link above that agrees with my interpretation of what Generation is in view.

Fourth the have a 3 day plan. 1 day is a 1000 years. 2 days= a 2000 year Church age and 1 day for the Millennium. Hear is there Timeline Chart or this one.

Well gonna close it up here for now. I’m not a fan of the date setters even those settling a two day Feast period and a year. The spirit of it all is to be ready anytime for you never know when He’ll return for his Bride! It would seem as the pains are coming in smaller intervals. Surly we are close to that Blessed Hope, Maranatha!


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