Once again I am overwhelmed, too busy and failing to accomplish what I would like. I’m going to have to lengthen my productive day. Now that the days are longer and we’ve moved to Daylight Savings Time I fall away at sundown and can’t get much done between 6:00 AM and first light. So much work needs doing outside and dawn calls to me. I need to swap 6 for 5 just to get my quiet time in.

I came here today, at this time because this morning I was reminded of a series Bruce Cooper has been doing; Gospel of John Musings on, Reasoned Cases For Christ.

The latest is; musings-from-the-gospel-of-john-number-53/
My favorite is; musings-from-the-gospel-of-john-number-47/, Chapter Seventeen
The first one; musings-from-gospel-of-john-number-1/, Chapter One

I really really really enjoy this series! Perhaps I’m a bit partial to John and perhaps a bit partial to Bruce as well. He labors heavily in Apologetics but is a very competent expositor as you can see for yourself.

Thank You Bruce,

Worthy is the Lamb!

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