Dear friends thank you for your support. Although the Bible Study Start Page and Resource Page have been available I have not posted in some time. I am coming along and should be able to return to this work soon. I would like to change things a bit. I want to not only be a hub for resources but a hub for exegetical Bible studies and Bible students to publish studies and papers. Some of you have your own site/blog and some do not. I do intend to publish my own Bible studies in the future and would like to invite other students to publish on the Bible Student Hub.

February is renewal time and I received a donation that will fund renewal of services, as is, for two years. I have renewed the domain registration so far and will renew WordPress account before deadline.

I did some research earlier but decided to stay with Domain.com and WordPress. I may not renew Office 365 email service in favor of WordPress email forwarding and Proton email service.

I am a member of New Hope Baptist Church and glad to announce the Church is moving to the Subsplash platform. The new website is live but still being refined. Services can now be viewed from the site or on the new Youtube Channel. Mobile App will be available soon.

Church Tech has become a big deal and new tools and services are available that are designed specifically for Churches. FaithLife and Subsplash are two leaders in Church Tech.

I have Apps on my smartphone that use the Subsplash platform but am not a client or have any affiliation and was not responsible for our Church moving to their platform.

FaithLife has many resources for individuals as well as Churches. I have had a FaithLife account for a while and use Logos Bible Study Software. FaithLife offers several free resources…

Biblia is a handy tool bloggers can link to when sighting Scripture. Readers do not have to have an account but if they do it will display commentary too. FaithLife Study Bible is basically the same interface. Both start with your choice of 61 bibles. With Free account and logged in you get 62 bibles & 96 other resources. If you order the Free (basic) Logos and are logged in you have access to 64 bibles and 142 other resources. Any resources you have purchased will be available as well. My Android Tablet will not run the Logos Mobile App and the Web App is too slow so I use Biblia to read books in my library.

I use PocketBible by Laridian as a study Bible on that tablet. Their website says, Once you register you’l get access to 40 resources. It only has KJV Bible and Users Guide. But when registered a Free account gives you access to 10 bibles & 37 other resources.

Talking about Free Bible study tools, let me mention the BBN Bible Institute. 100 audio courses from noted Bible teachers.

Dallas Theological Seminary offers 23 Free courses and invites you to preview Graduate courses as well. View available online corses on the Voice which also hosts Chapel and many other resources. The latest offering is a free course, What is Theology? This is taken from ST 5101 that can be found using the above link.


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