Thursday May 18th 2021

I had no intention of doing a post today. Yesterday I had a good day in the Lord. I journaled the day in great detail relating every step to walking with my Lord. There were Bible verses, Bible studies, Q & A, Notes & Outlines and Commentary. I covered Morning, Afternoon, Evening and a Benediction. There was Radio, email, Blogs and The Word. Living it out and journaling were both good for me. I enjoyed study, research and editing. I sorted a lot of things out as I worked through the day, the Journal and the processes. It took all day and resulted in a good post. It would have served as a template, agenda, purpose statement. I intended to live it out without journaling today except no post. The finished post was lost as I was trying to go live but I couldn’t let it go. I stayed up trying to reconstruct it and did go live with that. I still have all that yesterday was, the experiences, lessons and the work accomplished. I am better for it, it was a good day and a turning point.

Today wile listening to Tony I new there would be a post this morning…

I give a lot of space to BBN and DTS and both are great resources but today I would like to give space to King of Kings Network and Tony Evans.

I am a long time listener and enjoy the King of Kings Network very much. It is unique in many ways. There is a mix of music, preaching, teaching, prayer, praise, testimony, news, commentary and listener interaction. The Music is mostly Southern or Country Gospel. The Preaching is mostly local pastors from the coverage aria. There are national Teachers and or syndicated programs to round it all out. David Carr and Sister Caroline are the heart and soul of the network but the behind the scenes staff are great as well. They have different styles that complement each other very well.

From the above website: About; Listen Online!; Program Schedules; Artist Links

From the Urban Alternative: About; Dr. Tony Evans; Lois Evans; Listen; Watch; Gospel; Growing in God; Training Center

This mornings broadcast started a new series, I listened via King of Kings but it is available here. Cultivating a Spirit-Filled Mind from the series Life in the Spirit.

The more we get to know someone, the more it seems like we’re “getting into their head.” In this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans explains that the more we get to know God, the more his spirit gets into our heads. It’s a special look at what it really means to cultivate a “spiritual mind.” (cf. Romans 8:1-13)

I would like to unpack this but it’s time to go, maybe later. Romans 8 is a good study; Life in the Spirit is a great topic; I’m working on a Bible Study Project and a post The Spirit that moves me, stay tuned.

In the mean time: The Presence of God RevisitedSpiritual and Material Realms Published by Bruce Cooper on Reasoned Cases for Christ

I also follow Stained by the Spirit, speaking of Life in the Spirit.

So let it be written, so let it be done – Word!

Got to Go — Thats all folks!


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