Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

At this time, sometimes, I Write a post titled This Week. Another title I like to use is Today. Yesterday I used Update, and tomorrow…

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” –Matthew 6:34

Today’s title is a catchy way to say: while yesterday’s post was left unfinished, there is something to say about today and for tomorrow.

This Week looks forward to the events therein… The Bible Broadcasting Network

Good News Memory Verse

For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time. — 1 Timothy 2:5-6 Previous Verses

Conference Pulpit

Leonard Ravenhill, English Christian evangelist and author. Monday: Lost – A Sheep – A Coin – A SongSpeakers Calendar. (cf. Luke 15:1-10)

Yesterday… What happened yesterday that is effecting today? What did you say, think or do? What did you learn? Today… How are you applying what you learned yesterday? Tomorrow… Perhaps we can expand our thinking to consider the same with regards to the past, present and future…

Live for today, putting the past behind you and looking forward to tomorrow. Prepare for the future as you live today learning from the past. Take One Day at a Time, do the best you can… Think about it… My Thoughts…

Purpose -calling -gifts -talent -work -service -balance of life -responsibilities -study -ministry -mornings -quiet-time -priorities -time management.

Sin -death -separation from God: Original Sin (cf.Ephesians 2:1-10) vs Ongoing Sin (cf. 1 John 1:8-2:2)

lost -dead in sin and transgressions -Separated from God -eternity in Hell.

Redeemed – made alive in Christ -indwelt by the Holy Spirit -in fellowship with God -eternal life.

Sin -death -separation from God -out of fellowship – chastisement vs restoration

The three tenses applied to Salvation: I have been saved from the penalty of sin; I am being saved from the bondage of sin; I will be saved from the results of sin. All by Grace through Faith/trust in Christ alone. Signed, sealed and delivered – although we are working out salvation, in the present, God is faithful and from His prospective it is finished. Justification -Sanctification -Glorification.

Today usually is used to tie into history, culture, daily tasks, the days plans or the events of the day…

This morning the alarm rang a little before 6:am (CST), I had not sprung forward for Daylight Savings Time. Yesterday I had made the necessary provisions to be in my place on time for services, save that one thing.

I turned on the radio, tuned to King of Kings Network, and made the morning coffee. I heard SRN News and listened to Ron Ralph, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Carthage TN.

Something came to mind, I was compelled to wright, fired up the old Dell and started a post. I don’t recall the original thought but it was working out to be my testimony.

The radio was still on and David Carr had just started The Sunday School Hour. He mentioned the time change. I glanced at the clock, as I had lost track of time, It was time to leave the house in order to be on time and I was not ready.

I did make Sunday School. We finished up the lesson from 1 Thessalonians 5:11-28, Final Counsel and Comfort. Paul was laying out how to live; looking for Christ’s coming. If you will, He was laying out how to live today (in the present) in light of the past, looking forward to the future. He was talking to The Church, Sinners saved by Grace. Having been Saved from the penalty of sin they were working out salvation, in the present and looking toward the future return of Christ. Edify -know -esteem -warn -comfort -support -be patient -rejoice -render not evil -follow the good -pray without ceasing -give thanks -quench not the Spirit -prove all things -hold fast -sanctify (spirit, soul and body).

Bro Jimmy gave the sermon today from Romans 6. It was an excellent presentation. You can listen to it next week if you like. Past Sermons can be found on the Church’s web site. He covered the kind of things already alluded to herein.

The Christian and sin

We have been baptized into Christ. Our baptism acted out our dying to sin and rising to new life with Christ. We are far too closely identified with Jesus to carry on sinning. We have died to sin. In theory, we can no more sin than a dead body can!

Of course, we still have free will. We can sin if we want to, but it will be out of keeping with our Christian character. But look at it positively: instead of letting sin dictate our actions, we are free to do right! And which master do we prefer? The only wage sin ever paid was death. But now God gives us eternal life. To serve him is perfect freedom. -from the Bible Guide via Biblia by Faithlife. Just in case that’s not what you see.

Today is The Lord’s Day, (a day of rejoicing in the Lord) yesterday was The Sabbath (a day of rest and reflection). Yesterday is gone, today is fainting and tomorrow may not be mine. I Know Whom I Have Believed; I know who holds the future!

BBN BI: 00000 Introductory Studies; 10000 Bible Doctrines Studies

DTS Free Courses The Gospel of John, Romans and Revelation. I would also recommend previewing BE5505 Kingdom and Covenants. Online Courses

Time to wrap: It was not my intent to teach, lead or present a Bible study. My sincerest hope is that seeds were planted that stir curiosity in the reader and leads to Bible study resulting in growth in relationship with God! I am growing in many ways as I study, research and write these posts. Thanks for indulging me!

Got to Go — Thats all folks!


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