Dear Friends, Family and Followers,

Please pray for me, as I know you do. I am troubled, in spirit, of late. I am largely dis functional today. Is it the Dementia, Anxiety, Anticipation, Spirit working in me or perhaps the time change.

I do not like change, most people don’t. Some deal with it better then others. I suppose it is a mater of prospective or how it affects ones life and practice. The only thing certain is change itself. Sometimes change is welcome or necessary.

Change is in the air. The time just changed. Spring is upon us and Easter around the corner. The park will soon open and life here will certainly change.

Today marks my fifth anniversary at Mannheim, tomorrow may be my last day. Although I am available until Thursday we have not been needed to help on the lot lately. When I was called back to work, after the tornado and COVID, it was just to drive through the Tuesday sale. This was not feasible but I needed to return and was able to, more or less, at that time. I will miss this staple in my life. Perhaps this is presenting as a melancholy spirit.

This week I expect to visit a dear friend, have a pastoral visit from Randy and Pastor Ron suggested he would like to come out and take me to lunch. I am changing from Bakers Grove to New Hope, where I am attending. I miss Bakers Grove even as I am finding a new home with New Hope. Perhaps this is presenting as a melancholy spirit.

Last fall I moved from Hermitage to Gainesboro; from Seven Points to Roaring River; from J. Percy Priest Lake to Cordell Hull.

For over 10 years the US Army Corps of Engineers has been a staple in my life and perhaps the most stable part of it. After resigning from Amazon IT, do to cognitive decline/impairment I went to work at Mannheim. Perhaps to prove I could still be useful in a work environment. I wasn’t nonfunctional only dysfunctional after all.

Three things has God given me to cope in these last years: Church/ministry/service, A home and work to do with the Corps and Mannheim to fund the necessities of life. It should be said that I’ve gotten by with a little help from my friends, Church family and the government.

Mannheim was consuming my time and energy for a wile. Lately I’ve been turning toward the work here in the park. Rainy days and Spirit have resulted in a flood of posts here. I find that I learning to juggle Church, The park and this website. Perhaps it’s: work, service and ministry. Ops, I forgot me and no wonder I have neglected my needs.

There is a balance in life. I believe in Whole Being Health: Body, Soul and mind or Spirituality, Mental Stability and Physical fitness. What about Growth, responsibilities and purpose? Then there is Quiet Time, Study Time and The Work.

Although responsibility will soon consume the majority of my time and efforts I hope not only to be faithful to the Corps but also the Church, Community, Bible study, service, ministry, prayer and meditation.

There is more to be said about all of the above but I need to close. I will leave you with a list of things preying on my mind: Purpose -calling -gifts -talent -work -service -balance of life -responsibilities -study -ministry -mornings -quiet-time -priorities -time management.

So I pray for a clean heart and sound mind; that all that I say and do brings glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; for wisdom, knowledge courage and strength; Greater faith and dedication; for His will to be done in and through me. I trust whole in my God and know that He will provide all that is necessary for life and service!


Dave the Bible Student

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Ambassador for Jesus Christ

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