Sunday 1/31/21

I like music, I have entertained in bars, lounges and roadhouses. I was down with Classic Country and a pretty good cover. I could bring the house down with an old Conway Twitty song. Now I only entertain at dinner parties and can’t do those old covers anymore. I still like music, the Classic Country sound and even Conway‘s unique style. There are some Classic Country songs I’ve found that can fit in with the Truth that I now proclaim. I have a good Country Gospel collection. I love the Psalms and Maranatha Music put many of them in those good ole Praise albums (1974). I also have an Audio Bible or three.

I find great value in Christian radio. When I can’t read or study but can listen it’s there. King of Kings Radio Network brings me Music I like, Local Preachers and a few well known teachers. BBN brings me the Conference Pulpit, Through the Bible and the Bible Institute.

Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) offers almost 20 Free Courses and you can preview graduate courses as well., the latest is Exodus but Genesis is here too.

I’m excited to share Dallas Theological Seminary’s new free online course on the Book of Exodus with you today. You may be familiar with some of the events described in Exodus—the plagues, the parting of the Red Sea, and the giving of the Law. But the Book of Exodus is so much more than a historical chronicle recounting the deliverance of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Have you ever studied the significance behind the events? This course will help you dig deeper into the extraordinary events described in the book. The seven lessons review all forty chapters of the Book of Exodus. Taught by Dr. James Allman, DTS professor of Old Testament Studies and Bible Exposition, this course will help you see God’s character and purpose in Exodus—and help you understand why these revelations are important to believers today. This study of God’s Word will give you confidence in the Lord who keeps His promises! Activate your free course now »
Blessings, Mark M. Yarbrough, PhD

I’m still Planning on bringing you that new Bible study but no sooner then I starting working on it I got called back to work at Mannheim. That wont last long but then the park opens. The park is manageable but at this time I’m well out of my box. There is no time for anything else on the days I work at Mannheim.

I didn’t get my day of rest yesterday. I’m trying to reset today. I went to Sunday School and services this morning. Not much of that I can share with you today. The Book, The Blood and The Blessed Hope. Midnight Cry, Gold City (1980). I had lunch and just died on the couch.

The days I worked last week started at 5:am with coffee and the Gospel according to John via Bible Alive. When able to get to the truck King of Kings brought me Dr.Tony Evens and then the rest of the trip I listened to the Cristian Cowboy, Renee Jones. The days ended with the Conference Pulpit The speaker was Wendell Kempton. Next week it will be T. M. Johnson.

That’s All Folks,

Dave the Bible student

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