I rag on Facebook a lot. I live in the USA and we have been threw a lot of stuff! Mainstream Media, Politicians and Big Tech are playing out the pages of Biblical Prophecies before my very eyes!

We, Christ Followers, have been called out of This World. We are not of This World, we are sojourners here. How to flesh out being in the word but not of it is a challenge. Love not the things of This World. He who loves this world is not of Christ. Christ and the world our at odds. (Cf: verses)

My beef with Facebook is bigger than Facebook or even Social Media it is that above conflict. The enimies of the Sole are The Flesh, The World and The Devil.

I’m not alone raging on Facebook as they promote lies and censer the truth. Mark Zuckerberg Throws Money toward what is diabolically opposed to my World View or the Truth I proclaim and that goes for the Lot of Them.

Why would I give The Enemy ammunition to use against me and my kind. So you see my beef is more than the nonsense, distortion, distraction and wasted time. Social Media is anything but social, kinda like Road Rage, with it’s spirit of anonymity. Technology has a way of keeping us from connecting with one-another all the wile thinking we are. One of Satin’s biggest tools is to make us think we are alright when we are not. (Cf: Mat 7:21)

But I digress, Why is The Church more influenced by The World than The World influenced by The Church?

With all that has transpired recently in the USA some Conservative Social Media sites have come about. I have a dream where there is a Virtual Church, no not the invisible Church but our online place to replace all those worldly places I just can’t go, like Facebook.

The Bible Student Hub uses the concept of pointing the way to resources even our greatest resource God and His Word. We find that what we can’t do, in most cases, has been done somewhere. We try to make lists of useful resources for the Christ Follower.

We do not have the ability to realize that dream or become that resource. I am an ambassador for my LORD Jesus Christ and strive to promote Bible Study with the hope that lives will be therein changed. Our Start Page is geared toward that end. We do have a Resource Page with links beyond that scope.

We our planning on some much needed housekeeping throughout the domain. I’m aware of some apps and or websites that are Church resources, that could replace Those that I detest, like the Church App, One Place and Sermon Audio. I will work on listing them and maybe post a more useful post to introduce them and how to use Christian resources instead of those of the world.

Hey, if you are aware of resources for this list or a post that is already out there let me know. Comments and suggestions are not only welcome but strongly encouraged. Speaking of encouragement, If you use our Start or Resource pages drop me a line.

Well, I’m going to add a page for that Bible Study I’m supposed to be working on, details to come. Static pages are the heart of this site, this blog spot is just a draw and more nonsensical ramblings on. I do hope to do better about that and I know you can’t directly follow those works so what should be ongoing here is site updates. We will find a format that works someday. We do get a lot of likes and they give us a chance to see other blogs, like them and comment. Even listed some on our Resource Page.

Keep the faith,

Dave the Bible Student

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2 thoughts on “Ranting

  1. We must be the change we seek. You have more power than you believe. Continue to give hope at the end of any rant. Self expression is important. I pray that the vision you have God will open doors to facilitate it. God bless

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