Monday 1/25/21

This morning I awoke to the Chinese Water Torture. It is Raining Cats & Dogs here and my unit Leaks Like a Sieve. I miss my dog CoCoa He had a Stroke early in the morning of the 30th. His mama came and took him home and I don’t know what has become of him. He was a faithful companion to me, a partner in the work at the Corps and my emotional support dog. I truly could not have made it through without him. Sunny has been in and out, he’s a good cat but it’s just not the same.

Well I got up, put on the coffee and moved to the couch. I sat in the dark for awhile just listening to the falling rain. I am reminded of a Amy Grant Song from back in the day that had thunder in the background. I think it was How Great Thou Art but not able to find that original recording but here is a good one, Thy Word.

Rainy Days And Mondays always get me down, not really but Just could not resist. The Carpenters wow, what great talent Form Days of Old, 1971.

God is Good and always God is Good! Dr.Tony Evens is on the King of Kings Radio Network at 6:am CST USA. Today’s sermon “Reversing Anxiety” can be found on Tony’s Website. This gives me an in to mention The Tony Evans Training Center, It is not free and so is not yet on our Resource Page yet a great resource. Now that I refereed to it I can add it to the list and will do so soon.

With the Dementia I experience Anxiety. So This hit home for me as has the moving of Spirit on all the Sundays this month. Confusion, Fear, Peace. See Sunday 1/24/21 and Sunday 1/17/21.

This brings to mind some Key lessons: You Must be Born Again — John 3 — See BBNBI Level 1 ; Blessed Assurance — 1 John — See Sunday 1/24/21; The Laws of the HarvestLaws of the Harvest part onePart two Dave Barba, Press on! MinistriesSermon AudioSermon Archive, Calvary Baptist; Obedience Brings Blessing — Deuteronomy 28 — From DTS BE505 or Free Course Understanding God’s Covenants.

My friend texted me that he was feeling better about “Our Great Country” and “Praying for Unity“. We are in the USA and there is a lot to say, but I Bite My Tongue. Pray for Unity in Our NationGod Bless America AgainConway Twitty With Loretta Lynn2 Chronicles 7:14. There will be Unity and Peace on Earth in God’s New World Order!

Well got ta go — God Bless and Keep the Faith as we look for The Blessed Hope!

Peace Out, Dave the Bible Student

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