Thursday April 30 2020

Personal: The New Normal – A Work in Progress – Subject to Change Without Further Notice – He’s Still Working on Me! Lyrics (Chords) Candy Hemphill
Words and Music by Joel Hemphill

Alarm did not ring so I got up late. The first thing always is to let CoCoa out, my dog. Next, start the coffee and turn on the radio. Now we feed Sunny, the cat and Let CoCoa back in for his breakfast. Now its some me-time, coffee, BBN Radio news, Daily Devotions, breakfast and Bible Study. At this point in time I’m editing this post. Later on I Will walk the dog, eat lunch and it’s Daily Classes. The day will end with the Conference Pulpit.

Thought for the day: How best can I use this website to bring glory and honer to my LORD and be a faithful Stewart of the time that He gives me? Is there a need for what I am doing? Am I fulfilling that need? When I was in need of a list of resources for personal Bible Study I did not find a list so I made the Bible Study Start Page. My prime objective is personal Bible Study but I’m an Ambassador of my Lord Jesus Christ and feel the call for some sort of outreach.

Good News Memory Verse

He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.
— Isaiah 40:29 Powered by the Bible Broadcasting Network.

Daily Devotions

Pastor Allen Jackson: Are We Seeing? (John 9:1)
Allen, “Ask His Holly Spirit to make us alert . . .”
Today with Allen Jackson
Allen Jackson Ministries
World Outreach Church

Adrian Rogers: You Can Find God’s Will
Love Worth Finding

Charles Spurgeon: Morning and Evening
Morning: Numbers 14:2
Evening: Psalm 139:17
Powered by BibleGateway

Daily Reading

One Year Bible
Bible Gateway

JUDGES 11:1-12:15
JOHN 1:1-28
PSALM 101:1-8
PROVERBS 14:13-14

Bible Study

Pastor Fred Davis: Book of Revelation – Day 9
Past studies posted on
Mending Fences Cowboy Church

Dr. J. Vernon McGee: 2 Peter 1:1-4
Through the Bible

Daily Classes

If I was enrolled in a Degree Program at Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) I might be attending BE, HT, ST, OT, NT, CE, RS and PM classes. DTS does offers Online Classes Dallas Theological Seminary – Online Courses. Note: Graduate Courses, “You can preview these courses” My favorite Course is HT with John D. Hannah. Normally you can order books from but they are closed at this time due to COVID-19.

I am enrolled in the Associate of Biblical Studies program at ATS. Currently working threw BSHS2250 Life of David – For more information: Andersonville Theological Seminary

I am also enrolled in the free Old Testament Survey coarse at Biblical Training – For more information: Biblical Training

I have already completed the BBN Bible Institute and would highly recommend these free courses offered by the Bible Broadcasting Network.

I have already completed all the free courses offered at Dallas Theological Seminary – Free Online Courses and would highly recommend these free courses.
Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS)

Find helpful links on the Bible Study Start Page.

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