Monday April 27 2020

We are still under Stay at Home orders here. Normally my volunteer position requires the gates to be opened at 6:00 am and Monday is my office day. I am not going anywhere so its a good day for Bible study. My thought for the day is that I am spending too much time on this website. I hope when some templates are in place I will spend less time as Webmaster and more in actual studies. Still not sure how to use the site but today I decided maybe a daily post would be nice.

Daily Devotion

Adrian Rogers: Have You Opened His Door?
Love Worth Finding

Daily Reading

One Year Bible
Bible Gateway

JUDGES 7:1-8:17
LUKE 23:13-43
PSALM 97:1-98:9

Daily Bible Study

Pastor Fred Davis: Book of Revelation, Day 6
Mending Fences Cowboy Church

Dr. J. Vernon McGee: Amos 8:7-9:1
Through the Bible

Daily Classes

Non Free – ATS, Associate of Biblical Studies: Life of David, Lesson 5 – Aftermath of a Giant Killing – For information Andersonville Theological Seminary

Free – Biblical Training: 1 & 2 Samuel
Biblical Training

Note: BBN-BI and DTS have free classes that may cover the above. DTS also has non free classes that may cover the above. See helpful links on the Bible Study Start Page.

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