To This Date

I purchased the domain from

I opened the account Bible Student at

I pointed to WordPress.

I opened the email account at

I set up Home Page, About Me Page, Post Page and My Links page.

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2 thoughts on “To This Date

  1. hi david this looks great. good studying and kjv which is the word of God in our language…not corected by man…hope your felling many sick at our church with covid… tammy

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    1. Thank you for the kind words Tammy. Sorry took so long to reply online. Your comment is directed at the site or at least the blog as a whole and not this particular post. This post is very old and I have not posted to this blog in some time. I hope you saw the Bible Study Start Page. The KJV has been my standard and I learned to study from that standard. I learned to use Strong’s Concordance to go back to original languages, Vine’s Dictionary and Nave’s for topical studies. I learned to study with books although have moved to electronic resources. A good Study Bible is helpful. The electronic versions tend to be only notes and exclude the cross references in favor of software features. The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge is a cross reference system available electronically. Comments about the site are always welcome. I am about to do a reset and although have not deleted anything I have removed the link to the blog from the Home Page and largely dismantled the site. The posts were fun and a few inspired but no actual exegetical Bible studies. I preferred to point to good resources rater than creating content. Would like the site to not only be a hub for resources but for actual studies from Bible students in the future. I am coming along well and should be back to this work soon. Ability to funtion in Sunday school and worship are much improved. God is good and He alone holds the future!!! I’m Thankful for you, Jimmy and my Church family!


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